BIDEPA implemented ISO 9001:2008 - quality management, OHSAS 18001:2007 - safety system management and occupational health management, ISO 14001:2005 - environmental system management and ISO 27001 - the information security management system a main key system for all the security companies.

Quality implementation Program is an active and ongoing process that includes a permanent relationship with clients, so that all activities are in direct benefit to them.

Romanian Intelligence Service and the Ministry of Defence authorized BIDEPA to operate in classified information leaks protection program.

BIDEPA is authorized and licensed by the Romanian Police Department to carry out consultancy and security activities, VIP escort activities, monitoring, intervention, design and installation of security systems.

BIDEPA employees wear a specific uniform, authorized by the Romanian Police Department and at the request of its customers, is authorized to use fire guns.

BIDEPA is an active member of the Security Ownership of Romania.

QUALITY SUMMIT NEW YORK 2006 - In 2006, BIDEPA was awarded Gold Award for Excellence and Business Prestige in recognition of the entire activity in security. In 2007 received certificate INTERNATIONAL PLATINUM STAR FOR QUALITY AWARD.