Using audio - video and GPS monitoring application of BIDEPA , the customers can optimize their vehicle operating costs, achieving significant savings in financial resources, time and personnel.
Audio, Video and GPS Monitoring Department is the newest department in the company. However, the employees have a rich experience in installation and use of applications and monitoring equipment, experience gained in other security companies.
With the support of the applications installed on performing servers, the monitoring station experienced staff can track video images and audio signals in real time, check the placement of the equipment, as well as the status of the sensors connected to the equipment.
Besides tracking in real-time, the GPS monitoring application extracts reports on the following issues:
list of monitored equipment, position location, the ratio of starts - stops, speed mode, route of travel, estimated fuel consumption, road map, chart daily activities, sensors status, a.s.o.
For a more comprehensive analysis of activity, various graphic picture reports can be printed and other analysis is available.
Equipment used for monitoring is imported from leading companies in Asia and Israel. This equipment has been specially selected for outstanding technical features, able to value the monitoring application potential.