We have built a good reputation over time and our high quality services respond to a customer-oriented business philosophy. The key to all our achievements is an active and open- minded team; everyone is valued and motivated to bring his/her own contribution to the maximum of his/her potential.

If you are interested to work in this area, we invite you to send us your CV at:

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to address our customer needs integrated security services and offer our services in a professional manner, so as to contribute to maintaining a safe environment for our partners business, property and life. We take this commitment with pride.

OUR VALUES: BIDEPA has the most valuable asset in human resource. For the work we perform, ethical behavior of all our personnel is the most valuable certificate of recommendation and we are proud to say that loyalty, honesty and cofidentiality are values we do not abdicate.

VISION: BIDEPA acts so that its work becomes the industry for security standard and so its recognition as an industry leader to materialize in valuable, long-term partnerships.